We are collecting donations for the COVID-19 Crisis Rehabilitation Project

Click below "GO TO PROJECT PAGE" Button to go to the Project Page! There you may know about the project by following instruction at the top section of that refereed page!

The middle class suffers the most in any disaster

To help the middle class or lower middle class AND to request fund as well, just click the below button to know more! They live a life of inhumanity without food, but they can't reveal it. Inside, they are twisted, but not exposed.

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Don't worry about the fund running out

Those who are on the side of the needy in the voluntary home, are providing much better service, yet sometimes think that there may be a financial crisis, keep a request at Midpot. Donors from Midpot will hopefully be with you.

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The Donor gives new hope to the hopeless, as GOD

Sometimes they worked as the main craftsmen from behind to create a new civilization. We salute you! See below if you have any fund requests of your choice. Moreover, you can find more details by clicking the button below.

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